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$10 - 50  $15.00

$51-100  $18.00

$101 - 200  $20.00

$200 - +  $25.00

262 - 2465 Apollo Drive, Nanoose Bay, BC  V9P-9K2


Fine Writing Instruments from Pens Canada 

Each writing instrument that I create is individually hand turned on a lathe using the finest woods and other materials. I do not use automatic or duplicating equipment, therefore no two are exactly alike. I craft using various exotic as well as domestic hardwoods solid surfacing materials, and Acrylics. All instruments have replaceable ink cartridges that are readily available at office supply retailers and department stores.

Much time and effort has gone into perfecting the finest finishes for these writing instruments and each has been polished to a high luster. All my pens have 18 different levels of sanding & polishing before having the final finish applied.

A custom-made hand turned pen is a thing of beauty that is capable of becoming a family heirloom containing a lifetime of memories.

All our crafts are handcrafted here in our small home workshop on beautiful Vancouver Island.

We also do special orders. If you see a pen you like but in another finish, contact us and we will give you a price. We will also make them from your own material if you wish.

Thank You for Looking,


A Few Words About Platings

Each style of pen shares the same quality components regardless of the type of plating. In select cases where the nib or refill type varies depending on the type of kit selected, the product description will note the difference.  From reasonably priced chromium plating to rhodium plating that sells for over $4,000.00 per ounce, youíre sure to find a pen and plating combination thatís right for you.  Our various offerings are explained in detail below.

Gold titanium (Titanium gold)

Titanium plating produces an extremely durable finish.  The process uses what is called PVD (physical vapor deposition).  Titanium nitride matched to the color of the gold is molecularly bonded to the part and the 24k gold is bonded (sputtered) on the parts to achieve a color match to the other gold parts.  The parts are again re-plated after this step.  The final result is that the parts will virtually never show wear.

Black titanium

This is a titanium oxide molecularly bonded (PVD) process.  This plating is unbelievably hard and durable and much tougher than compounds used in other platings.  It will last for many, many years.


This is a very durable hard plating.  Our supplier uses real platinum and it should be expected to hold up under normal use for many years.


Possibly natureís most brilliant and durable precious metal, Rhodium is used by the worlds premier pen manufacturers to plate their very finest pens.

Sterling Silver

Many of our rollerball and fountain pen kits feature this plating.  The parts receive a restaurant grade 20 micron plating to ensure the beauty lasts for many, many years.

Solid Sterling Silver

While rarely used, we do offer several pen styles in solid sterling silver.  Since this is not a "plate", barring abuse, it will last for generations.